It’s Not Just About The Skills: Finding Employee Fit

How to find the right employee fit

When you need to fill an open position, you’re searching for someone who possesses the right qualifications. You want someone with the skills and experience necessary to do the job well. During the interview process, you’ll also check for a certain level of compatibility. You may get a good feel for a person during the interview, or you may not. But, the interview process is simply too short to determine whether the person is truly the right person for the job. Too often, businesses end up with qualified employees who just don’t fit.

Employee Fit: When They Don’t Fit The Company Culture

Every company has a culture, some more defined than others. You know what makes your company unique, and what type of person it takes to mesh well with your team.

Different types of people thrive in different types of environments. Some are simply more suited to a formal environment where everyone tends to stay in their own lane. Other people are excited and inspired my a more casual, even chaotic work environment. Those are two very different types of people, and if you put Mr. Formal in a chaotic, casual environment, he might be very uncomfortable. And if he is uncomfortable, it might make others around him uncomfortable, as well. This is just one example of how someone who is a poor fit for your company culture may impact your business.

People who fit well into your business are going to be happier. If they are happier, they will be more productive, which is good for them, and good for you.

Finding The Right Employee Fit

Sometimes, you can see right away when someone is going to be a good fit for your business, but many times, it’s just not so easy to tell. Weeding through the piles of resumes, interviewing candidates and making a decision isn’t always easy. Here are some questions you can ask during an interview that can help you gain insight into a candidate and make a more informed decision:

1. Who Inspires You?

You can tell a lot about someone by who they find inspiring.

2. What Are Your Hobbies, And What Do They Say About You?

Especially if you are a creative company, you will want to know what type of hobbies your candidate has. This question also helps you determine if the person is leading a balanced life, that allows them to pursue their passions.

3. What Are You Passionate About?

Everyone has a passion, and a good team is often made up of people who have some shared passions.

4. What Do You Do When You Don’t Know The Answer?

Different personality types approach not knowing in different ways.

5. What Type Of Personality Do You Find Challenging?

Do you have a lot of “A” types in your organization? A lot of free-flowing, free-spirited creatives? Competitive types? It’s a good idea to know if this person will be able to handle their coworkers.

It would be great if you could pre-screen people before they come in for a final interview. This saves time and increases your chances of getting someone who will fit in well in your workplace. Aside from a comprehensive interview process (which is often time-consuming) there is another solution. Screening potential employees through a staffing service allows you to not only spend less time wading through unqualified candidates, but also allows you to try out employees without risk.

employee fit strengths finder

Need to Fix The Employee Fit You Already Have?

Artisan Talent loves the Strengths Finder 2.0 for learning about individual employee’s working styles. Find you strengths based on personality then learn how to optimize these strengths to increase the performance of yourself or your employees. See the Artisan Talent Chicago office’s results on Facebook here.

Now Hire The Right Employee Fit

A good staffing agency takes the time to understand your company culture.  Artisan Talent is the solution for finding employees that not only possess the skills and experience you need for the position, but also the values, attributes and temperament that helps ensure they will fit in. Find out why you should use a staffing agency like Artisan, then contact Artisan Staffing to learn more and get started finding your next employee.

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