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Guest Blog: Filing Taxes as a Freelancer

  Filing Taxes as a Freelancer: You probably have the same dirty secret as many other newly minted freelancers, you […]

The New Rules of Office Dressing

Photo from @YoungerTV We’ve all heard the old adage, “dress for the job you want…” but how do we do […]

How to Create a Resume Recruiters Will Read

When it comes to making a great resume, you want to make sure recruiters and hiring managers are 1) actually […]

Job Hunting Tips from Aliza Licht

Whether you’re looking for a new position, changing careers, or are unemployed, Aliza Licht has some advice for you. Aliza […]

How to Get a Job: 5 Crazy Creative Ways

Wondering How to Get a Job? The trick to landing that dream job in your creative field is standing out… […]

Life Hacks: Creating a Resume

Creating a Resume Making your resume stand out on a hiring managers desk is no easy task, but with a […]

2015: New Year, New Trends

2015 will be a year of change in design spheres. According to Paul Boag, co-founder of Headscape, there are some […]

Job Interview Tips: 5 Bloopers to Avoid

Need Some Job Interview Tips? There’s nothing like a job interview to make your palms sweaty. You want—no, need that […]

PowerPoint Presentation Tips: Connecting with your Audience

Beyond PowerPoint: How to Connect with Your Audience during a Presentation So you have a knockout PowerPoint presentation. Great. But […]

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