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Videographer Job Description

Videographers shoot and edit video footage. That’s obvious. But they may also wear other hats, including sound production, or film […]

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Web Content Specialist

There are two clues in the title that should tell you what a Web Content Specialist does. First, that they […]

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Software Engineer

Software Engineers are big technology geeks. They like to build software, working in computer languages like JavaScript or C# all […]

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Digital Content Writer

For someone who wants to make a living as a Writer, it’s important to think about what kind of career […]

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Packaging Designer

A Packaging Designer makes you want to buy it. Think about it — a good package can make a product […]

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Application (App) Developer

If you touch a computer, you have the work of app Developers at your fingertips. App Developers make the software […]

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Industrial Designer

When you combine manufactured items with creative design, you get an Industrial Designer, a creative professional with a unique skillset […]

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Illustrator Job Description

If you’re one of those people that loved coloring in kindergarten or doodling in high school, you may have a […]

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3D Animator Job Description

It’s possible that a 3D Animator has one of the top ten coolest jobs in the visual arts. If you’ve […]

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