National Old Stuff Day: Making the Old New Again

National Old Stuff Day
March 2nd – National “Old Stuff” Day

That’s right. There’s actually an unofficial holiday designed to make us reflect on whatever we define as “old.” March 2nd is National Old Stuff Day. The calendar tells us that, instead of worshiping the old or outdated, the day was created as a way to jump-start the old into something different and new.

For an established business, this might provide the impetus to take a look at your brand and image to see if it’s wearing a little thin with your audience. If your business is stuck in “same old – same old” then you probably run the risk of losing clients to any new, fresh young upstart business that crops up down the street.

That’s not a good thing.

Why Freshen Up Your Website

If your business has been around awhile, it’s quite possibly time for a website refresh. MarketHealth shares five key reasons why periodically dusting off old designs and copy is important:

  1. New content is the lifeblood of search engines. Replacing old content with new will get your business serious SEO brownie points. This is the very reason why regularly contributing to a blog is so important.
  2. Visitors will love it. It even gives you a chance to reach out to old customers to let them know you’ve got a hot new look they should check out.
  3. You will blow your competitors out of the water. Do it. Make your competitors cry. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re less vulnerable to their encroachment on your market share.
  4. A sparkly refreshed website is the bomb when it comes to marketing. We already mentioned that even your old and most established customers will have a renewed interest in the “new you.”
  5. It may help you “go viral” when other websites link to your site, especially if you have a blog that is informative and interesting.

How We Can Help

Artisan Talent has a team of Copywriters and Graphic Designers poised to help you make the old new again. Bringing in creative talent for a short-term project is one of the ways we regularly exceed expectations for our clients. Contact us today to see how a fresh pair of eyes could make all the difference to the longevity of your brand. What are you waiting for? #NationalOldStuffDay

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