SlideShare: Make Your Presentation Pop

Giving a presentation? Make your presentation pop!

It’s your job to keep people’s attention, but in our world of consistent sensory input, that’s becoming increasingly difficult to do. How do you make your presentation pop? Whether you’re giving your first show or are a seasoned Presentation Specialist, winning over the hearts and minds of a distracted audience requires a killer presentation that makes both eyes and ears perk. Here are 5 elements to incorporate in every PowerPoint or Keynote  you create to make people forget about their email inbox and incoming texts for five minutes.

  1. Research your audience, not just your subject
  2. Shock them
  3. Tell them a story
  4. Incorporate media wisely
  5. Keep it bite-sized

Above all else, you have to be willing to stretch yourself constantly by exploring new methods and seeking out inspiration that could possibly lead to your next great idea. If you’re not at least trying to incorporate state of the art software and methodologies, you’re stagnating. Click through the SlideShare above to stay fresh.

Need help creating your next presentation? Can you create killer presentations? Every Presentation Specialist knows how important engagement is to carry an audience through to the end. If you’ve got the know-how to build great presentations and want to put your skills to work, contact us today to learn more.

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