Staffing Resolutions For 2016

Staffing Resolutions for 2016

With 2015 come and gone, it’s time to sit back and reflect on the past year as well as look to the year ahead. If staffing is an area that could have gone better for your business, now is the time to change your strategy. Why not make some staffing resolutions for 2016?

Staffing Resolutions For 2016:

  • I will not wait until an essential team member leaves to make sure I have a viable replacement. During the year you may get hit with the unexpected absence of a key team member, or you may run into problems of under-staffing. Don’t let this happen to you. One of the advantages of a staffing agency is rapid access to a pool of pre-qualified talent that is available and looking for work now.
  • I will be sure to only bring qualified individuals on to the team. After the tenth interview, hiring staff are desperate. The last candidate didn’t look so good on paper, but she seemed nice. So you give her a try, only to quickly regret the decision. While finding qualified staff isn’t always an issue, it does come up. Don’t take risks this year. Only bring people on board who meet your criteria.
  • I will not expend resources locating qualified staff if I don’t have to. Creating job posts, sorting through resumes and calling and interviewing candidates takes time that you don’t always have to spare. Why waste your valuable resources? Why not leave it to the experts?
  • I will not rush to fill positions, I will take my time and find the right person for the job. You want to find the perfect candidate. He or she meets your qualifications and then some, and is a perfect fit for your company culture. Where is this dream person? He or she is out there, but in the meantime you need someone in there now. Hiring a temporary worker can help fill that gap while you take your time and find the right person for the job.

This year, let go of staffing complications. Streamline your process and get connected with qualified staff when you need them. Let Artisan Talent help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions, contact us today.

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