cover letter for freelancers

9 Cover Letter Writing Hacks

  Cover Letter Writing Cover letters are your introduction to a potential employer, so you want to write one that […]

How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Juicy Cover Letter “If I hate a cover letter, I won’t even look at the resume,” […]

Nailing the One-shot Cover Letter

For many job seekers, writing a cover letter is the most painful part of beginning any job search. As a result, […]

Job Hunting Like a Maverick

To be successful in today’s highly competitive job market, job hunters need to be open-minded and innovative, constantly reassessing their […]

Curating Content Like a Boss

Treat each article on your website as though it is going to be working for you, as it should. Never incorporate content on […]

How to Answer the Toughest Job Interview Questions

Answering Tough Job Interview Questions Difficult job interview questions follow certain patterns. If you know the three general categories that […]

Why Cover Letters Are Still Important For Freelancers

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a 15-year job recruiting veteran recently made a shocking admission in Forbes: she almost never reads applicants’ cover […]

Remember to Breathe! (And Other Tips for Dealing with Job Interview Anxiety)

Dealing with Job Interview Anxiety  As you sit in the lobby waiting for your job interview, you feel your hands […]

Manners, Manners! The Importance of Watching Your P’s and Q’s in a Job Interview

Watching Your P’s and Q’s in a Job Interview Today’s job market is quite tight, even for high-demand fields like […]

Selling Yourself Verbally – Tips on How to Make a Good Impression with a Client on the Phone

Make a Good Impression With a Client  A phone interview shouldn’t be confused with a casual phone conversation. You’ve been […]

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