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How To: Authentic Web Design

According to HubSpot, photographs are becoming increasingly more important in web design. No one knows that better than Shutterstock, which […]

Right or Left Brained? Thinking Like a Successful Designer

Thinking Like a Successful Designer  Are you one of those people who believes that web design careers are only for […]

Should You Hire a UI Designer Who Can Do Retina Graphics?

 Retina Graphics Anyone who owns, works with or has seen one of Apple’s retina display devices will tell you that […]

5 Things a Web Designer Shouldn’t Do

Things Every Web Designer Shouldn’t Do There are a lot of things that you can do to get work through […]

Keeping It Legal: Web Designers Held Liable for Clients’ Website

Web Designers Held Liable  A legal precedent set recently in Sweden is causing a lot of freelance web designers to […]

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