Video Interview Tips for the Job Interviewer

Video Interview Tips for the Interviewer

Thanks to our mobile society and the accessibility of streaming media, recruiting via video technology is in for employers. Using the power of social media to source job candidates is trending upwards for 2016 and everyone from human resource managers at large corporations to the entrepreneurs in small business are paying close attention. LinkedIn just finished their 2016 trends report and it suggests that video technology is simply the best way to reach top candidates.

On Wednesday, we covered video interview tips for candidates, so now it’s the employers turn.

Ways to Use Video as an Employer

Employers can use videos in so many ways:

  • Dump the stodgy corporate video. Give your employees a GoPro to film a typical day at work. Then cut and paste your way to a three or four minute video that really tells the story of your company – in a new, fresh way.
  • Set up a one-way initial interview as part of the as a second step in the candidate pre-screen. (The first step is the CV, of course.) Feed each candidate a standard set of interview questions. This works especially well if you have multiple decision-makers in the hiring process; just watch the recorded interview at your convenience.
  • Conduct two-way interview via Skype or other platforms. This could potentially save the company the costs of bringing in several potential candidates. Looking to go this route? Read on.

Top Video Interview Tips

The basic rules of being prepared and taking notes certainly apply to any interview, not just the one that’s filmed. Our general suggestion is that you systematize the questions and grading system, instead of having each interviewer making up their own process. Additionally, it keeps the company out of hot water, by making certain no inappropriate questions are raised. Some other tips include:

  • Test the technology and be sure you’re comfortable with it before the interview.
  • Make sure what’s behind you is professional, clean and neat so as not to distract from your face.
  • Eliminate any distractions and interruptions during the interview process by holding calls, muting your cell phone, and turning off pop ups. Again, if you aren’t doing some of these things during live interviews, you’re running the risk of your candidate being turned off.

Artisan Talent has the top talent and tips for employers seeking new hires in today’s competitive market. Need to hire? Looking for someone to video interview? Contact us today to find out how to optimize your 2016 by taking advantage of the latest recruiting tools.

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