Industry Trends

The Worst Graphic Design Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Are you looking for Graphic Design advice? In our digitally-focused society, consumers are increasingly skimming web content, searching for salient […]

CEO Bejan Douraghy Debuts on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland ®

Is Specialized Talent Recruitment the Employment Tool of Tomorrow? Artisan Talent Answers That Question on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland […]

Back to Basics: Networking

It’s all about who you know. Or, to be more grammatically correct: It’s all about whom you know. Either way, […]

How to Improve Office Communication

Can Your Hear Me Now? In 2016 it seems the more we communicate the less we are understood, especially when […]

The New Rules of Office Dressing

Photo from @YoungerTV We’ve all heard the old adage, “dress for the job you want…” but how do we do […]

Back to Basics: Old School Marketing Techniques

Spending Less = Making More Marketing has gotten increasingly sophisticated. Demographics allow you to divide and conquer your target audience […]

National Old Stuff Day: Making the Old New Again

March 2nd – National “Old Stuff” Day That’s right. There’s actually an unofficial holiday designed to make us reflect on […]

How Delegating Work Among Freelancers Can Help a Project Finish On Time

You’ve heard delegation as a buzzword before, but do you actually do it? Delegating work to get a project done […]

Infographic: Creative Resumes That Get You Hired

Click here to view a larger version Creative Resumes That Get You Hired Your resume is your introduction to the […]

Can an App Help Your Job Search?

The majority of Americans own cell phones. We use phones for everything from texting to banking to photography…but can an app […]

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