The Benefits of Freelancers: Outsourcing to Experts for the Best Insourcing

The Benefits of Freelancers

How dynamic is your creative talent team? Many organizations are discovering that outsourcing has made advancements, and delegating certain responsibilities to outside teams can produce spectacular results. Now outsourcing has become akin to hiring highly-talented freelancers on a per project basis. Rather than outsourcing, it’s resourcing.

To determine whether your company should consider finding talent through an agency such as Artisan Talent to fulfill its creative, digital and marketing staffing needs, you need to assess your organization and its capabilities.

What Are Your Core Competencies?

When launching a new business, it is crucial to focus on strengths and stick with core competencies. If your company produces a stellar product, then stay focused on that and hire experts from their respective disciplines to execute other functions. Don’t waste time trying to write product descriptions when you have so much else on your to-do list. Hire a freelance Copywriter! (Read more: “Why Your Business Needs a Copywriter“).

If tried-and-true division of labor does not convince you, consider the fact that attracting top-tier talent is expensive and time consuming. In addition, it is close to impossible to lure high quality talent in competitive markets, especially if you have a newer brand that has yet to establish itself in the ranks. Hiring in the best talent can be an impractical idea.

Think Outsourcing is Taboo?

Many companies are now comfortable with hiring a freelance accounting team, development team, customer service, and other facets of their operations. This saves on overhead, recruitment expenses, training time, commitment to a full-time staff, and it gives you access to experts without the related costs. Why not do the same for your creative team?

The Benefits of Freelancers

Looking to independent contractors in the creative, digital, or marketing fields has become more common lately, and the community of talented, successful, and experienced people is tight-knit. Trying to hire one can be fraught with errors that cost money and time. A boutique talent agency like Artisan Talent can guide you to pre-vetted experts ready to jump in and help your company grow. Outsourcing your digital marketing efforts to an expert that can strategize and implement across multiple channels could be the critical plank in your creative platform.

In addition, your company gets all the perks of utilizing a multimillion dollar design and marketing staff while staying on budget. “Outsourcing” to freelancers provides you with digital experts at a fraction of the cost without a long-term contract.

Other benefits include:

  1. Cost: For the price of one executive, you can access an entire team of creative talent, and you can expect cheaper software and ad expenses.
  2. Experience: Your in-house team will benefit from the skills and knowledge that the freelance creative team brings to the table, such as familiarity of marketing channels, the target market, and opportunities available.
  3. Time: Your company saves on the time it takes to seek out and vet top talent and the time it takes to learn the digital design and marketing fields.

The benefits of engaging freelance digital, design, marketing experts, and others to meet your needs are tremendous. Still, this can be a big decision for your company. Implemented correctly, it has the potential to bring true value by bringing in experts. The crucial component is to grasp your organizations needs to make the right choice in an agency to help you. Artisan Talent is that go-to agency. In fact, you could say that outsourcing is the new in-sourcing.

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