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How Delegating Work Among Freelancers Can Help a Project Finish On Time

You’ve heard delegation as a buzzword before, but do you actually do it? Delegating work to get a project done […]

How to Create a Freelance Team That Works for You

Need to Create a Freelance Team? When you’re working with freelancers, it’s important to keep each person on your team […]

Creative Talent Job Trends For 2016

Another year is quickly passing and there have been some startling changes to the work world we used to know. […]

Interviewing Tips for Hiring Managers

As a hiring manager, you’re tasked with finding the right candidate that fits the job and company culture. You are […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Social Media to Screen Candidates

Fact #1: Employers are using social media to screen candidates. Fact #2: Everyone should be careful when posting to social […]

Weeding Out the Quitters: Finding a Long-Term Candidate

There’s nothing more frustrating than hiring what you think is the perfect candidate only to discover that they quit just […]

How to Write Better Job Descriptions

An old saying goes, “a cupcake without frosting is just a muffin.” When forced to chose between the two, wouldn’t […]

Hiring the Best Art Director

How to Hire the Right Art Director It’s important to your company’s bottom line for your creative projects to stand […]

Hire Freelancers: Picking the right one

Hiring a freelancer for project work can be frightening. While freelancers can work on-site, primarily they operate remotely. It’s important that […]

3 Secrets to Hiring the Right Person

There’s an old saying, “Hire slow, fire fast.” While we’re not sure the adage fits HR decision-making in today’s fast-paced business […]

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