videographer careers

How to Make a Living as a Videographer: Setting Your Salary Range

No matter where you locate video production jobs, one of the first things you want to figure out is how […]

Why Ignoring Video Marketing Could Prove Perilous

Most preparation for videographer careers today includes learning about web video production. This is an area where demand for work […]

Six-Second Marketing with Creative Vine Videos

Six seconds of creativity and viral success on Vine can boost videographer careers, comedy stardom or a business brand. In […]

Turn Your iPad Into a Pro Cam

iPad Into a Pro Cam The exploding popularity of video content on the web has resulted in a proliferation of […]

The Top Video Marketing Trends of 2013

Video Marketing Trends Recent video marketing trends indicate there will be a continuing demand for creative web video production for […]

Mapping Out Your Video Marketing Conquest Strategy

 As business owners have been discovering over the past few years, video marketing offers a cost-effective, powerful means of bringing […]

How to Crowdsource Your Way to a High Quality Video

High Quality Video As the wisdom of crowds grows and web video production budgets demand more for less, people considering […]

Mastering the Six-Second Video: How to Get the Most of Your Vine Creation

Get the Most of Your Vine Creation  Twitter video app Vine has done for video what Twitter did for text, […]

Understanding White Balance in Videography

White Balance in Videography Early in their videography careers, students learn about white balance and how it affects photography and videography […]

What the Worst Editing Gaffes in Movie History Can Teach You About Editing

Worst Editing Gaffes Once you’ve worked a few film editor jobs, you start to develop an eye for all the […]

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